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Paddy Harte, International Fund for Ireland Board member (Middle) joins PYDP participants Eoin Mc Ateer and Sasha Mc Elwee at their celebration event, which took place at the Drummond Hotel on Thursday night.

Limavady Youth Project reflects on another successful year

Published on:  01 Oct 2018

Forty five young people have come together to celebrate taking further steps to a better future as they continue on their journey in a unique cross-community project based in Limavady.

The ‘Building Brighter Futures’ funded by The International Fund for Ireland and led by Roe Valley Residents Association (RVRA) aims to encourage young people to positively engage within their local communities, developing much needed life skills and preparing them for employment or further education.

The project, targeting 16-25 year olds, initially launched in 2016 for a period of 12 months, with a funding stream of £93,806 allocated by the Fund. Following a successful first year delivering a range of personal development and good relations programmes they received further funding of £285,509 in June 2017 for a two-year programme.

‘Building Brighter Futures’ is funded through the Fund’s Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP), seeking to connect young people to personalised learning, skills and employment opportunities with a central focus on good relations and preparing people for the world of work, avoiding the risk of being drawn into criminal or sectarian activity.

The celebration event was a chance to celebrate the achievements of the participants as well as reflect on the positive work in the area through the programme. Participants received their certificates of achievement from IFI Board Member, Paddy Harte, who said:

“The young people celebrating their achievements today are also reflecting on their journey with Roe Valley Residents Association and the Personal Youth Development Programme.  These young people have faced many barriers to opportunities that others take for granted and they have excelled in their achievements over the period of the programme.

“The wide range of courses the participants have under taken in the last year has provided them with a solid foundation which will enable them to take control of their own future with ambition and confidence”.  

Thomasina from Limavady shares her experience of the programme;

“I joined this programme when it first started in 2017 and wasn’t sure what to expect. It was daunting at first but I soon found myself developing skills and learning things that were practical and made me think about what I wanted for my future. Over the last twelve months alone, I have completed qualifications in Youth Work, Good Relations, Health and Safety and First Aid – something I never thought I would do. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next twelve months has in store”.  

Karen Campbell, Co-ordinator from Roe Valley Resident's Association said;

“Our projects targets young people with complex issues such as poor mental health, unstable family backgrounds, addictions, homelessness depression and criminality. These issues are unfortunately all too common in communities today and young people are at real risk of being drawn towards negative influences.

“We help to address and tackle these issues head on and equip participants with knowledge, skill sets and confidence to build a positive future. We are delighted to see the journey that our young people have taken over the last two years and we will look to build on that going forward”. 

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