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Impact and Achievements

Since it was established in 1986, the International Fund for Ireland has worked tirelessly and impartially towards achieving lasting peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland and the southern border counties. In that time, countless individuals and communities across Northern Ireland and the southern border counties have benefited from the Fund’s support.

An external review of the Fund’s activities by Deloitte MCS Ltd in 2005 found that:

  • the Fund has a unique standing within all communities throughout the island of Ireland, notably within areas regarded as most difficult to reach and it has been able to transcend ‘political’ disputes and tensions;

  • the Fund is seen to adopt a partnership approach with local communities that is unique in the funding world;

  • the vast majority of projects supported by the Fund have been located in areas designated as disadvantaged; and

  • nearly 75% of projects supported by the Fund will be continued under a self-sustainable income generating basis.


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Impact and Achievements

Read about the International Fund for Ireland's impact and achievements.

For further information about our funding programmes, or for information on how to apply for funding, please contact the person(s) or organisation(s) identifed at the end of the relevant programme summary in the areas of activity section.

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