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Ballinamallard youth project lines out for cross-community celebration event

Published on:  28 Jun 2018

Young people in Ballinamallard today lined out to celebrate their achievements in unique project that uses culture and sport to change lives and enhance community relations.

Launched last year with £87,386 from the International Fund for Ireland, the Fermanagh Positive Youth Outlooks Project offers tailored training and support that assists young people to take better control of their lives and explore good relations, cultural identity, personal development and employment opportunities.

Based in Ballinamallard and led by Fermanagh Sports and Cultural Awareness Association, the enabled 15 participants to complete a wide range of training courses. To mark its first year of operation, the group coordinated a five-a-side cross-community football tournament involving 12 youth projects from across Northern Ireland at Fisher Park.

Dr Adrian Johnston, Chairman of the International Fund for Ireland said:
“The young people involved in this project deserve credit for the achievements they have made. It is opening new pathways to learning, training and employment and helping turn young lives around. This project has successfully enabled people to reassess and take active steps to improve their prospects.

“The reality is that there are growing issues of disaffection among young people in many areas and that increases the risk of being drawn towards negative influences and a spiral of poor choices. The Fermanagh Positive Youth Outlooks Project tackles issues like anti-social behaviour, alcohol, drugs and mental health issues by providing young people with practical ways to change their prospects. Projects like this are critical and build momentum for change, stability and prosperity.”

John Quinn, Fermanagh Positive Youth Outlooks Project Coordinator said:
“We know that young people in the area are faced with difficult and complex pressures and often believe that opportunities are limited. This project is about giving them access to new skills and opportunities, empowering them to make better choices and take control of their own lives.

“This group is the first to gain certificates through the project and it will prove to be a valuable addition, not only to participants but also to their communities. It has motivated many to look at other options and offered a sense of self-belief. It is pleasing to see individuals gain a better understanding of their own ability and of the role they can play in the community.”

Funding to the Fermanagh Positive Youth Outlooks Project was provided through the International Fund for Ireland’s Personal Youth Development Programme which is managed by the Rural Development Council.


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