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Cavan participants celebrate successful achievements in YETI Personal Youth Development Programme

Published on:  26 Apr 2018

Families and community representatives from Cavan came together to celebrate the achievements of the participants of the Youth Education Training Initiative, a Personal Youth Development Programme, funded by the International Fund for Ireland (IFI) and operated and managed by Foróige, in association with local community, statutory and voluntary organisations.  

There are currently seventeen young people aged between 16-25 years of age participating in the initiative.  Such was the success of the year long programme, the IFI announced it would provide additional funding support to extend the programme for a further two years. 

The Y.E.T.I. is designed to help young people build and develop life skills that foster good relations, build confidence and resilience and enhance their employability skills.  The young people participate in a range of programmes that are evidence informed, are individualised and bespoke, intensive and meet their developmental and educational needs.  All of the participants are engaging in educational and personal development programmes ranging from taster to part-time and full-time programmes and courses. 

In addition, individual work is being carried out with each participant on a weekly basis focusing on personal development, confidence building, goal setting, general independent living skills, social skills, CV and job preparation, mental health and general well-being.  The participants also work on building positive relationships with their peers, youth officer and adult volunteers as well as engaging with community development initiatives from time to time.

An integral aspect of the work programme is the local interagency collaboration and involvement. YETI partners with local voluntary and statutory agencies to include: the Cavan 365 Garda Youth Diversion Project, CMETB, Youthreach, Educational Welfare Services - Tusla Child and Family Agency, Tullacmongan Resource Centre, School Completion Programme, Home School Liaison Service, Cavan County Council, An Garda Síochána, the Bridge Street Centre, Teach Oscail and the HSE Suicide Prevention Service. 

Speaking at the event, Mr Allen McAdam, Board Member of the International Fund for Ireland said:  “The Fund was delighted to support this initiative under its Personal Youth Development Programme which has successfully enabled young people to reassess and take active steps to improve their prospects. The PYDP was created to enable younger generations to shape a better, more peaceful society and projects like this are critical to make our aim a reality. 

“The YETI is designed to enable young people to involve themselves consciously and actively in their own development, through developing resilience and enhancing their education, training and employability capacity and prospects. The year-long programme has proved a great success and the Fund is very pleased to provide additional funding to extend the programme for a further two years. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the project for their enthusiastic support and participation. I have no doubt it will be of great benefit to them personally and to their communities in future years”.  

Mr McAdam took the opportunity to thank the international donors to the Fund - the European Union and the Governments of the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - for their support.

Colin McAree, the Foróige Area Manager thanked the IFI for the funding support, “without which YETI would not have been possible to begin with, and the recently announced funding extension is testimony to the success achieved to date and we are indebted to the IFI for their continued support.

“The initiative has been successful in actively engaging seventeen young people, all of whom were not in any form of education, training or employment. We are delighted that all 17 have been supported to find employment, and/or return to education/training, a huge success for the young people involved. The success is built on having a clear vision for the initiative and the hard work and dedication of many. A special mention must go to the YETI staff member Ciara McMahon for her tremendous work and dedication. The feedback from the participants has been immense and I would largely attribute this to Ciara’s effort and commitment to each one of them.

“I would like to thank most sincerely all our local partners who have played a significant role in the success of the project to date and I look forward to working with everyone to build on this success in the years ahead”. 

The Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP) was launched in late 2015 within the IFI’s Community Consolidation - Peace Consolidation 2016-2020 Strategy. The Programme aims to help young people build and develop life skills that foster good relations, build confidence and resilience and make them more employable.

For further information about our funding programmes, or for information on how to apply for funding, please contact the person(s) or organisation(s) identifed at the end of the relevant programme summary in the areas of activity section.

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