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Congress recommends $10.8m to International Fund for Ireland

Published on:  26 May 2006

The Chairman of the International Fund for Ireland welcomed yesterday’s recommendation by the Appropriations Committee of the US House of Representatives of a US$10.8 million contribution from the US Administration to the IFI in 2007.

The Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives voted to recommend this amount in Washington DC yesterday (Thursday 25 May 2006).

"This is extremely good news," said Fund Chairman Denis Rooney.

"This recommendation is a real vote of confidence in the young people and communities which benefit from the programmes of the International Fund for Ireland. These programmes address the root causes of conflict in our society: economic and social disadvantage, sectarianism and marginalisation. With a contribution of this level we can continue to target the areas of greatest need and ensure the goals we set ourselves in our sunset strategy ‘Sharing this Space – a strategic framework for action 2006-2010’ are fully realised. As we continue to work to build a secure and peaceful future for the island of Ireland, the goodwill and support of the American people will be critical to our efforts. I would like to thank the many friends of Ireland in Congress for their continued generosity.”

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