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Donaldson launches 'Fund of Goodwill' Book

Published on:  09 Oct 2008

Junior Minister Jeffrey Donaldson has launched a book marking the 21st anniversary of the International Fund for Ireland (IFI).

Entitled ‘A Fund of Goodwill: The Story of the International Fund for Ireland’, the book outlines the steps taken in putting together a fund that has made a significant contribution to the achievement of peace.

In its time, the IFI has enabled funding in the region of £1.4billion as well as helping to create 55,000 direct and indirect jobs.
Speaking at the launch at Parliament Buildings Minister Donaldson said: "This book is an important record of support and will provide some insight into the fund’s history, achievements and work over the past two decades.

"The fund has contributed to achieving peace and prosperity in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It has kept pace with changing times and moved into many different areas of work."
Mr Donaldson acknowledged the IFI’s valuable contribution to peace and reconciliation.

"This book will leave an important legacy of an organisation that has made such a significant contribution to peace, through funding and job creation, which has been for the good of all."


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