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Newtowncunningham Inter-Church Committee launches two year International Fund for Ireland funded project in Co. Donegal

Published on:  13 Dec 2011

The official launch of the Newtowncunningham Inter-Church ‘Newtown Shared Space’ project took place last Friday, 9 December, 2011 in Co. Donegal. The €131,352 project is primarily being funded by the International Fund for Ireland under its Building Foundations, Community Based Economic and Social Regeneration programme. 

With funding now in place, the ‘Newtown Shared Space’ project will now provide a two-year programme of activities including healthy living, arts and crafts, history story-telling, sport, and IT training.  Each activity will have a direct community relations outcome.  Commenting on the Project, Teresa McGee, Co-ordinator of the Newtowncunningham Inter-Church Committee said: “I would like to acknowledge the tremendous support that the International Fund for Ireland has afforded the Newtowncunningham Inter-Church Committee.  This support has enabled us to now role out a significant programme which will go some way towards bringing people from all sections of our community together in a shared space and through our activities, addressing the silent sectarianism which is still evident in our region.”

Some of the key objectives that the Newtown Shared Space programme will set out to achieve includes the promotion of active civic pride and community participation; the promotion of intergenerational activities giving the youth a sense of roots in the community; the provision of a focus of activity for the youth; and the fostering and development of relations within and between the community.

In attendance at the launch, Pat the Cope Gallagher, MEP for North West Ireland said: “I am delighted to launch the Newtown Shared Space Project which will make a valuable contribution to the broader Newtowncunningham community.  This is another example of the impressive work that the IFI has been carrying out in the last 25 years in bringing all sides of our community together.

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