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Youth Projects Boosted with IFI Funding

Published on:  09 Dec 2019

The International Fund for Ireland has pledged £2,337,765/ €2,805,315 to provide further intervention and support for marginalised communities.

The latest funding allocation will support 23 projects in their peace and reconciliation work across Northern Ireland and the Southern border counties.

A significant proportion of funding will focus on the Fund’s Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP). Launched in 2015, the programme works with 16-25 year olds who have faced a range of complex issues including; poor mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, difficult family backgrounds and been in or close to the criminal justice system.

Commenting on the latest funding package, IFI Chairman, Paddy Harte says: “The IFI’s work is more relevant than ever. The continued lack of political leadership alongside an increase in hard line opinions on Brexit and dissident activity means that many communities feel more isolated and entrenched with little support on the ground to deliver positive outcomes.

“The IFI is delivering interventions and prepared to go where other agencies cannot to offer better pathways for engagement and growth. Our PYDP programme in particular is like no other youth initiative. It is tailored to the individual, develops much needed life skills, instils confidence and prepares young people for positive life choices and employment.”

The IFI’s Personal Youth Development Programme has engaged with over 1800 young people with 3278 accreditations received, 528 progressing into education and training with 390 securing employment.

Mr Harte adds: “Young people today face more challenges than ever and they often feel that society has let them down.

“Growing tensions within communities alongside high levels of social and economic deprivation all work hand in hand to spur on those opposed to the Peace Process who continue to try and radicalise young people through paramilitary recruitment.

“We will continue to engage with those who have benefited little from the Good Friday Agreement and help young people to transform and become positive role models within their local communities.”

The Chairman took the opportunity to thank the international donors to the Fund - the European Union and the Governments of the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - for their support.


Funding Allocations


Personal Youth Development Programme

County Antrim/ County Londonderry/Derry

£96,094/€115,313 to Sperrin Cultural Awareness Association for the 12 month ‘Good Relations And Social Personal Employment Development (GRASPED)’ project. GRASPED will work with 10 young people from the Magherafelt and Randalstown areas on a cross-community basis. Participants will engage in a programme of good relations and personal development training and workshops to develop their capacity, confidence and skills. 

County Armagh/ County Down

£100,078/€120,094 to Clanrye Group for 12 months across the Newry and South Armagh, and South Down areas. To deliver a cross-community youth development programme based on good relations, personal development, social development, employability and vocational skills development promoting the social inclusion of each participant with an underlying theme of peace and reconciliation.


£106,160/€127,392 to Springboard Opportunities Ltd for 12 months to extend and expand the Catalyst 2020 project. The project will work with 20 marginalised and at risk young people from disadvantaged communities in Greater Belfast on a cross-community basis.  The project will provide intensive professional development and provide a platform for young people to continue to develop a wide range of generic skills necessary for the world of work. 

County Cavan

£76,723/€92,068 to Foroige Cavan for 10 months for the YETI project. The project enables 39 young people from the ages of 16-25 in Cavan Town to involve themselves consciously and actively in their own development, through enhancing their personal effectiveness, developing resiliency and good relations, diverting them from anti-social behaviour and enhancing their education, training and employability capacity and prospects. 

County Donegal

£52,922/€63,506 to North West Alcohol Forum for the 11 month ‘Donegal Reach’ Project, working with up to twelve 14-16 year olds across Donegal affected by parental alcohol or other drug use. The overall aim of the project is to build up young people’s self-esteem, promote positive relationships, help them to become more resilient and improve their future prospects.

County Londonderry/Derry

£97,691/€117,229 to Lettershandoney and District Development Group for the 12 month ‘Tús Nua New Beginnings’ project in the Lettershandoney, Eglinton, Park and Derry City areas. The project will provide 20 young people aged 16-25 with employability support, good relations and personal development and skills development support to help enhance the young people’s skills.

County Londonderry/Derry/ County Tyrone

£81,714/€98,057 to St Columb’s Park House for the 12 month ‘IgnYte’ project across the Derry City and Strabane District Council area. The project aims to deliver an integrated training and support programme that uses a range of innovative methodologies including sport, global citizenship, good relations and practical skills training to support marginalised young people achieve, flourish and reconnect with their community.

County Sligo

£79,458/€95,349 to Foroige Sligo for the 10 month YESS Project working with 19 at risk 16-25 year olds in the Sligo area. The project aims to help young people to deal with issues associated with poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion, under-achievement at school, early school leaving, youth crime, substance abuse and family difficulties through personal development, skills and employability development and good relations.

£71,333/€85,600 to Sligo Leader for the 13 month ‘What’s the Buzz’ Project to enable disenfranchised young people across Sligo overcome social exclusion through good relations and personal development programmes, skills development, education and employment development training and support.

County Tyrone

£103,465/€124,158 to Strabane AYE for the 12 month Strabane Youth Support Programme to develop the capacity and confidence of young people deemed most at risk aged 16 to 25 years on a cross-community basis.  Young people will be able to develop and increase their skills levels and progress towards their preferred career progression routes.

Peace Impact Programme

County Antrim

£147,097/€176,516 to Intercomm Ireland for a 12 month programme across the Carrickfergus area with particular focus on Woodburn, Sunnylands, Glenfield, Castlemarra and Dunliskin housing estates. The project aims to address the negative impact of paramilitary activity in the community through community capacity building, organisational capacity building, community cohesion interventions and training and employability skills.

£90,712/€108,854 to Newtownabbey Capacity Building Consortium (NCBC) for a 12 month project across the Newtownabbey area, focusing on the Rathcoole, New Mossley and Ballyduff areas. The project will work collaboratively with groups to reduce Loyalist paramilitary influence across the area. The project will deal with legacy issues, and involve capacity building and relationship building with young people and the wider community.

County Antrim/County Londonderry/Derry

£109,342/€131,210 to Windy Hall Cultural Community and Sports Group (WHCCSG) for 12 months to deliver the ‘Preparing to Engage’ project across North Ulster from Antrim to Londonderry/Derry. The Project will work with ex-prisoners, ex-combatants and their wider constituencies/communities to foster engagement in peace building and to deliver training and capacity building. 


£88,596/€106,315 to Conflict Resolution Services Ireland (CRSI) for a 12 month Belfast based programme which reaches out into other areas of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The aim of the project is to engage people/groups to prevent them from taking part in paramilitary violence. This will be carried out through the creation of a safe space for dialogue, training, wider engagement with political and civil society actors and counselling support to Republican ex-activists.

County Down

£55,400/€66,480 to Ards Community Network (ACN) - (Down Capacity Building Initiative) for 13 months to extend and expand the ‘Quiet Conversations’ project. The programme will operate across North Down and the Ards Peninsula. The project will build local capacity, engage various loyalist factions, deliver a leadership programme and engage female activists. The project will also involve a cross community and cross border element.

County Londonderry/Derry

£139,930/€167,916 to Creggan Enterprises Ltd for a 12 month project in the Bogside/Brandywell, Creggan, and Fountain areas of Londondery/Derry City. The project will work to diffuse community tensions and build community and cross-community relations through capacity building, training and mediation. The ultimate aim is to establish a Critical Engagement Forum where issues can be addressed directly by the communities, stakeholders, and statutory bodies.

£73,311/€87,973 to North West Cultural Partnership (NWCP) for 12 months operating in Londonderry/Derry, particularly the Fountain area and will focus on creating cultural partnerships within the PUL community as well as with CNR neighbours in the Bogside and Creggan areas. The project aims to create cross-community relationships as well as addressing intra-community issues.

£92,207/€110,648 to Resolution North West for an 11 month project engaging and supporting communities across the Waterside area of Londonderry/Derry. It will work closely with marginalised elements and more mainstream community elements to develop a shared perception of the common good of the community, with an overall strategy of building stronger community cohesion by challenging paramilitary control. 

Peace Walls Programme


£165,511/€198,613 to Black Mountain Shared Space (BMSSP).The project will continue to work with specific target groups across the Upper Springfield/Black Mountain area to build confidence, trust and develop relationships through capacity building and training programmes, conflict reducing focused dialogue and discussion, and negotiation and advocacy initiatives.

£159,640/€191,568 to Duncairn Community Partnership (DCP) for 12 months  targeting  the wider Duncairn area of Lower North Belfast, which has been significantly impacted by the conflict and experiences high levels of multiple deprivation.  Working with the local community, local NGO’s, statutory agencies and politicians, the project will continue to build more confident communities ready to agree physical change to local barriers. 

£117,026/€140,431 to Greater Whitewell Community Surgery (GWCS) for 12 months to deliver continued community engagement and statutory engagement around the removal/reduction of peace walls in the Greater Whitewell area including Serpentine Road, White City, Graymount, Hazelwood and Longlands. 

£114,441/€137,329 to Lower Oldpark Community Association and Cliftonville Community Regeneration Forum (LOCA/CCRF) for 12 months to extend and expand the ‘Imagine Peace Walls’ Project. The project will work to increase positive attitudinal change towards peace wall/barrier removal and/or reduction in interface communities and will deliver a range of community confidence building programmes to broker further agreement for peace walls/barrier removal, reduction, reimaging or reclassification. 

County Londonderry/Derry

£118,914/€142,697 to Bogside and Brandywell Initiative (BBI) for 12 months to focus on both intra- and inter-community relations work. It will continue to challenge attitudes within and between communities to strengthen relations and trust whilst reducing fear.

For further information about our funding programmes, or for information on how to apply for funding, please contact the person(s) or organisation(s) identifed at the end of the relevant programme summary in the areas of activity section.

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