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Social Media Policy Statement

It is the policy of the International Fund for Ireland to encourage clear and effective communication with all audiences using a variety of accepted tools. The Fund’s use of social media must, like all other forms of communication, meet tests of credibility, privacy, authority and accountability.

The Fund has established the following policies and guidelines which will evolve and be updated as new technologies and social networking tools become available.


  • Authorised Users refers to those who can post, edit and delete content on any official Fund platform.
  • Social media means the online technologies and practices that are used to share information and opinions and build relationships. It can involve a variety of formats, including text, pictures, video, audio and real-time dialogues. It includes, but is not exclusive to, such things as social networks, discussion forums, blogs, wikis and podcasts.
  • Moderated means technical and monitoring measures that prevent, or ensure the timely removal of, any defamatory or objectionable submissions.
  • Reasonable communications practices include practices that help assess project appropriateness and possible alternatives, potential audience, the costs and benefits to the International Fund for Ireland and factors associated with its communication plan.


  • The decision to create or initiate new Fund external blogs, discussion forums or any other social media must be approved by the Communications Designated Board Members.
  • Blogs, discussion forums or other social media initiated and/or created by, and within the control of Fund must be moderated.
  • All social media posts issued by the Fund will cover developments in the implementation of the current strategy and/or closure of previous programmes funded through the previous strategy.
  • Each new social media venture initiated or created by Fund must be based on reasonable communications practices and include technical and monitoring measures which prevent, or ensure the timely removal of, any defamatory or objectionable submissions.
  • Social media content posted by Authorised Users must comply with all applicable laws including those related to protection of privacy, capture and retention of records, security, respectful workplaces, employee code of conduct, conflict of interest and Internet/e-mail use.


  • Social media posts will be updated and monitored from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Where possible, on social media platforms the option for public comments to be added should be disabled.
  • The Fund reserves the right to delete messages that it considers to be offensive or defamatory in nature. It also reserves the right to block the sender of such messages and/or postings.
  • The Fund is not obliged to follow any of its followers. If it does follow any social media account, it does not imply endorsement of any kind.
  • Messages received via any social media platform will not be considered as contacting the Fund for official information request purposes, such as Freedom of Information (FOI) queries.
  • Each Fund social networking site shall include an introductory statement which clearly specifies the purpose and topical scope of the blog and social network site. Where possible, social networking sites should link back to the Fund website for forms, documents and other information.
  • All social networking sites shall clearly indicate they are maintained by the Fund and shall have Fund contact information prominently displayed.


  • Posts and comments to and from any official Fund account in connection with the transaction of public business is applicable to all local laws and policies and may be disclosed to third parties.  Authorised Users should be aware that all publications to social media are subject to libel laws.

Prohibited themes/content

Fund social networking content and comments containing any of the following forms of content shall not be allowed for posting:

  • Comments in support of or opposition to political campaigns or ballot measures;
  • Profane language or content;
  • Content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of community background, race, creed, colour, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation;
  • Sexual content or links to sexual content;
  • Solicitations of commerce;
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity;
  • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems;
  • Content that makes allegations or implies improper conduct of any other party;
  • Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party;
  • Sensitive information relating to the work of the Fund or its partners.

For further information about our funding programmes, or for information on how to apply for funding, please contact the person(s) or organisation(s) identifed at the end of the relevant programme summary in the areas of activity section.

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